When Low Code meets Local-First Software

In this post, I explain the dLite low-code platform approach to build frontend applications. dLite relies on a new paradigm called the Local-First Software paradigm. With this paradigm, one can build applications using local data, which remains the ownership of the user. A generic synchronisation protocol is used to access the data cross-device, and a sharing protocol is used to share data among users and build collaborative applications. I explain that the Local-First paradigm is particularly well-fitted to low-code, since it removes the need of a specific backend and database for each application. Additionally, security and data privacy comes by design, so that all the complex access-right management usually required on the server-side for collaborative applications is not required anymore. As a consequence, it drastically reduces the complexity of the application as well as its maintenance and evolution costs. Last but not least, it is Green IT friendly since it opens the door to a better use of resources by reducing remote invocations, taking better advantage of the terminal (client) side computing power, and saving complex server-side CI/CD, application-server layers, and huge centralized databases.

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