Install your own (eco-designed) Sweet Home 3D Online server

In this post, I will explain the requirements to be able to install your own Sweet Home 3D Online server. I will also talk about performance, eco-design, white branding and commercial licensing issues.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is an Open-Source plan editor for home design and floor planning. It comes with a real-time 3D viewer and allows the users to generate realistic 3D photographs (ray tracing) and virtual visit videos.

  • It has a strong community.
  • It gets more that 10.000 daily downloads.
  • It has 15 years of experience in home design, floor planning and other industries.
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JSweet transpiles Sweet Home 3D open source project to help creating a web version

A real-life example of migrating a Java application to JavaScript.

In this post, I will explain how JSweet helps building the online JavaScript Web version of an Open-Source interior design application called Sweet Home 3D developed and maintained by Emmanuel Puybaret.

Sweet Home 3D represents 130K Java Lines of Code (LoC). Amongst these, Emmanuel and I are able to transpile automatically around 50K LoC, leading to 68K JavaScript-generated LoC (by automatic transpilation, I mean that the generated JavaScript code can be run in the browser as is, without any manual adaptation of the code).

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